Finding Signs of Life

"Seward Sound Panorama", courtesy of Charlie, PhotoBotos

“Seward Sound Panorama”, courtesy of Charlie, PhotoBotos

It’s 8:48pm, Wednesday night, and once again, I’ve just now realized what this particular blog post is going to be about. Each post comes from deep down inside; they’re parts of me, dragged out to expose in their raw forms and shared as a questionable present with you, the reader. I’m not at all comfortable with some of them, but they’re all a part of who I am. They write themselves, but the stingy things often don’t want to come out until almost press time. Go figure; even my thoughts are stubborn.

What are the pieces of me writing tonight? Something that’s been nagging at my mind for a few days now: other people. You see, although I hadn’t thought I was unique in this blogging world, I hadn’t realized how many were out there doing the same thing in their own ways. I’d like to introduce you to a few of them – a few signs of life in a world that seems to be going by the wayside.

I hope, by the time I’m done, you’ll agree with me and decide to add them to your list of blogs to read.

Life on Foot and Post Departum Depression

“Upper Antelope Canyon, Sand Falls”, courtesy of Charlie, PhotoBotos

I can’t separate these two blogs into their own sections, because they call to me for the same reason. Life on Foot is written by a woman in her twentysomethings named Joyce. Post Departum Depression is written by a woman in her fifties named Karen.

Life’s Work In Progress seems smack dab in the middle. I’m not friends with these women, but I’d sure like to be. It’s like looking at a portrait of past, present and future times in womanhood. Kinda’ creepy, but darned if I can’t quit staring!

Joyce and Life on Foot

I “met” Joyce by reading Life Lessons from a Week of Driving. The title drew me in because of my own “Life Lessons” category. I enjoyed the post so much I visited her About page and spent a good half hour digging through other posts on her site.

Joyce is an excellent writer. Her thoughts flow from point to point, and there’s never a moment where I’m confused by her words. For example, the first point in the post is:

Before you start the engine, make sure everything’s ready: handbrake down; park mode on; and if it’s nighttime, headlights.  You don’t wanna go through life blind or without the proper equipment to keep you moving forward.

Right off the bat, you get that, just maybe, this isn’t about driving after all. Unless, it’s how to pilot through life’s various sticky spots. The last point is:

Don’t wait until the tank is empty before you put gas in the car.  If you keep postponing, you might end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.  Always run prepared, and always learn to anticipate the inevitable.

There’s a whole bunch of wisdom in that twenty-something head of hers. If I’d put half as much thought into my life at her age… well, my life would probably be a lot different.

Karen and Post Departum Depression

“Horseshoe Bend”, courtesy of Charlie, PhotoBotos

At my place of business, we’ve spent a lot of time through the years trying to find strong writers. Having said that, maybe you’ll understand my surprise when I came across Karen’s writings (especially after having read Joyce’s shortly before).  I hope, as time goes by, that I can learn to pour out thoughts the way she does.

I “met” Karen through Caviar. I know, I know… what kind of post has “Caviar” for a title? The kind of post that talks about memories, empty nests and a huge amount of love for her children. Rudely, I’m stealing a paragraph from her post, simply because it’s such a beautiful piece of flowing poetry (okay, it’s not stealing; it’s quoting):

That familiar caviar taste brings me back to a time in my life when the world seemed to be dancing just beyond my outstretched fingers. When I thought that I would one day study language in Moscow.  When I believed that poetry and music and philosophy were the only real topics of conversation that were fit for evening gatherings.  I ate it when I turned 21, and when I turned 35.  And I ate it last Saturday, with my grown children around me, as I turned 56.

What I most enjoy about Karen’s writings is that she reminds me to enjoy my kids while I can. On those days when they’re “mommy” and “mom”-ing me to death, all I have to do is remember it isn’t going to be too long before they’re off on their own. Oh sure, for J that’s 12 years down the road, but time goes fast.

Joyce reminds me of the joys of times past; Karen helps me remember the joys of the present.

PhotoBotos, Charlie and Tom

"Evening's Entrance", courtesy of Charlie, PhotoBotos

“Evening’s Entrance”, courtesy of Charlie, PhotoBotos

Do you remember the last picture you saw that pulled out an emotion? I’m not talking about posters or mocked up images; I mean… real images of life. PhotoBotos has a ton of them. Mixed in between photo posts are the occasional review, commentary and so on, but the photos are what the site is really about.

The purpose of the site is to share the love of photography and show off Charlie’s work, as well as the work of featured photographers (guys, if I got that wrong, let me know and I’ll amend). The photographers aren’t, necessarily, professional (as in paid) photographers, but they aren’t just “picture-takers” either. I didn’t have time to get permission from the person behind the camera, but “Old Man of Storr” – Isle of Skye, Scotland“, taken by Lee Duguid, is well worth the time to visit (it’ll take a few seconds for the page to load; be patient – it really is worth it!). It’s breathtaking.

If I understand correctly, Tom tweaks the site and Charlie adds his photos into the mix.

Charlie’s photo eye is no joke. His camera captures precious moments in time; it’s like the world stopped breathing for a second just so there would be no blur when he took the shot. On this particular post, all the photos were taken by Charlie.

Keep an eye out, because you can be sure I’ll be borrowing photos from there more often!

(Note: the site loads a little slow due to the size of the images. Be patient!)

Signs of Life

These people share their love of life with the world. Karen talks about the love of and for family, children, husband and students. Joyce talks about the love of and for family, as well as the joys and frustrations of growing and expanding on her own. The guys at PhotoBotos share their love of photography, and manage to capture the beauty and joy of the world around us.

I hope you’ll join me in following them, taking a peek into their lives, stories and cameras. From Life on Foot and Life’s Work in Progress to Post Departum Depression and photographs that take your breath away, this is, indeed, LIFE!

5 thoughts on “Finding Signs of Life

  1. Pingback: Finding Signs of Life – Hint, It’s All in Where You Look | Life – It's a Work In Progress

    • You’re most welcome, Joyce. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! (At your leisure and when the words come to you, of course 😉 )

  2. Wow!
    Humbled doesn’t begin to describe how I feel to find myself quoted in your post. My fingertips are tingling…..if it isn’t a heart attack, it must be joy!
    Thank you for your incredibly kind and generous post, and for taking the time to read mine.
    I am equally happy to have “met” you! I love this blogging world; I feel surrounded by so many like minds!

    • Karen, you’re very welcome (and I do so hope it’s joy! lol). I don’t have much time to read for pleasure, so I’m officially tacking you and Joyce into the “must read to learn” section of my mind. 😀

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